A Mysterious ‘Dream Space’ Haunted Gallery Opens This Thursday

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A Mysterious ‘Dream Space’ Haunted Gallery Opens This Thursday

Are you ready for The Wandering?

Part haunted house, part art gallery, The Wandering from Maelstrom Collaborative Arts is a multi-media pseudo-performance for an audience of 1 that opens from Thursday, October 8 to November 1 at 5403 Detroit Avenue! [Featured image: @maelstromcollaborativearts]

This Thursday, experience an immersive and mysterious gallery of “dream spaces” crafted by a team of 30 painters, performers, dancers, filmmakers, musicians, installation artists, and writers. To be opened for one visitor at a time, The Wandering, created under the leadership of Executive Art Director, Jeremy Paul, is a story about a group of survivors unknown to one another and to the circumstances that brought them to be:

“In the aftermath of a catastrophic accident, the survivors find themselves sharing the same dream, discovering new ways of expressing and communicating with each other in ways they cannot in the waking world,” the collective writes on their website. “Part art gallery, part theme park ride or haunted house, The Wandering explores themes of connection/disconnection, individualism vs. collectivism, resilience, mourning, and use of artistic metaphor to reframe our lives.”

Given the surrounding circumstances, the exhibition is taking a number of precautionary measures to ensure the safety of visitors, including:

  • allowing one visitor at a time (or 2 if from the same household)
  • mandatory face masks for visitors
  • surface temperature checks and questionnaires for visitors
  • 30-minute disinfection and air recycling between shows

Tickets costs $25, but visitors wishing to support the MCA can opt for $50 tickets to further fund artists during this time. Multiple time slots will be available every day of the week. Order tickets here.

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