Pick Your Poison At Tremont’s Witchy New Cocktail Lounge • Cloak & Dagger

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Pick Your Poison At Tremont’s Witchy New Cocktail Lounge • Cloak & Dagger

See what’s behind the veil at Tremont’s new neighborhood haunt.

Halloween fanatics get into the spirit of the season in different ways. Some leap at the chance to get in costume, others lavish at the spooky atmosphere of the season and binge watch horror flicks. Halloween is also ample excuse to eat all the candy in sight. Supplement whichever your spooky tradition by getting into the spirit of Halloween in its truest sense at Tremont’s clandestine new cocktail lounge, Cloak & Dagger. [Featured image: @cloakanddaggercle]

Ever wanted to participate in a seance or jubilate in the rapturous ecstasy of Saturnalia but didn’t quite know where to start? Well, we can’t really help you there. But sipping on the crafty potions over at Tremont’s coming Cloak & Dagger is probably a good place to start.

Despite the ominous slant this author has effected, the people over at Cloak & Dagger are more inviting than one might expect, especially with such cocktails as King of the Dead – a strong concoction of bourbon, vanilla, cherry bark vanilla bitters, angostura bitters, fernet branca, and a cold brew ice cube.

Their Facebook page reads simply:

“Cloak & Dagger is a small craft cocktail bar set right in the heart of Tremont. It’s a place for locals to unwind daily in a warm and inviting space away for the pressures of the day.”

Cocktails at the Cloak & Dagger read much more mystifying, as if potions concocted in a cauldron in a basement below the bar. Such options include: Rabbit’s foot – with blanco tequila, ginger agave, cayenne, aromatic bitters, and pineapple; When Tigers Used To Smoke – a mixture of coconut washed Puerto Rican Rum, pineapple, smoke sage, lime, and scotch rinse; and Phantom, made with vodka, St. Germain, Crede de Violette, aperol, simply syrup, and lemon.

Along with many more spiked cocktails, Cloak & Dagger also offers spirit-free libations, as well beer, wine, and vegan bites, which include: nachos, poutine, (mushroom & lentil) brisket, (garbanzo bean) chicken kabobs, bangers & mash, and more.

Cloak & Dagger is now open and operates from 4 pm – 11 pm, Tuesdays through Sundays.

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Tuesdays through Sundays beginning October 13; 4 pm – 11 pm
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