This Local Theatre Is Holding Drive-In Multimedia Halloween Performances From Their Studio Windows

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This Local Theatre Is Holding Drive-In Multimedia Halloween Performances From Their Studio Windows

Night of the Living Theatre will be performed for four nights only!

Like many other professions, performance artists are in a bind right now. Having large audiences in a single indoor space puts both spectators and performers at risk of spreading the novel coronavirus. As such musicians, actors, and performers alike have had to get creative with how to continue their craft. Cleveland’s Blank Canvas Theatre is doing just that by holding a series of live, multi-media drive-in performance from their studio window.

Back in September, months after theaters, concert halls, and live venues were effectively shuttered, Blank Canvas resurrected their theatre with a series of live drive-in performances over Labor Day Weekend. Unlike performances you’ve might’ve seen in the park, or other outdoor venues where performers and spectators are located in the same (albeit, distanced) space, Blank Canvas performed their act, Still Standing, from inside their studio, with audio equipment, projectors, and lighting set up outside for drive-in visitors, who watched the show through the studio window.

“Once you’re an artist and you have the vision or that idea, it’s hard not to birth it on stage or put it up or put it in a parking lot, whatever you need to do,” Blank Canvas Artistic Director, Patrick Ciamacco said.

“I’ve always had the idea that we could do something in the parking lot and it’d be safe,” says Ciamacco. “But that’s safe for the audience to be in their cars, but I was always struggling to find how to keep the staff and the actors safe as well. So, this setup allows them to be a lot safer, because they each have their own booth. They’re all in a contained plastic barrier when they’re on stage.”

The shows were a hit and sold out quick. Now, on All Hallow’s Eve, the theatre returns with four performances of Night of the Living Theatre. 

“Our show will include actors dressed as iconic horror characters singing some of your favorite theatre and pop songs,” the theatre writes on its website. “These songs now take on a different meaning sung by your favorite serial killer or blood sucking vampire. This drive-in show will feature a full live band, some of your favorite BCT performers, and the lighting and projection design that you have come to love.”

Attendance will also be able to order food and drinks from Pan-Asian and pub grub eatery, Ninja City. To ramp up the spooky atmosphere, attendants are also encouraged to adorn their vehicles with jack-o-lanterns.

Night of the Living Theatre will be performed for four nights, with tickets starting at $40 per vehicle. Tickets must be purchased in advance. First come, first served. Parking lot opens at 7:15 pm! For more information on the specs of the performance, visit the theatre’s website.

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