Tickets To Cleveland’s Stunning 360-Degree Exhibit Of The Sistine Chapel Are Now On Sale

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Tickets To Cleveland’s Stunning 360-Degree Exhibit Of The Sistine Chapel Are Now On Sale

Tickets are now on sale to this once-in-a-lifetime event. Experience Rome’s stunning Sistine Chapel up-close and personal.

You’ve never experienced the Sistine Chapel like you will at Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition. Imagine having the opportunity to stop and admire the breathtaking frescos the famous Italian master painted across the historical Sistine Chapel. Imagine being able to do so without the price point of a flight to Italy.

That’s exactly what you’ll do at Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition coming to Cleveland in January!

This amazing event, coming from the LA-based SEE Global Entertainment (SEE™), a family of companies that specialize in global touring exhibitions, utilizes state of the art technology that showcases every detail of one of Rome’s most beautiful and famous landmarks with breathtaking, 360-degree replications. And tickets for this unique exhibit have just been released to the public!

This exhibit will bring you up close and personal to Michelangelo’s most noteworthy masterpieces that’s unlike any perspective you’ll get elsewhere—not even the Vatican! The space, covered in true-to-size replications of the Sistine Chapel’s artwork, takes you on a stunning ride through the incredible works of one of history’s greatest artists. Admire the frescos in silence or pair the experience with an audio guide (which we highly recommend for a deeper understanding!)

With special expertise and care, the ceiling paintings from the Sistine Chapel have been reproduced in a truly unique way using licensed high definition photos. Brought to life using a special printing technique that emulates the look and feel of the original paintings, visitors are given a chance to engage with the artwork in ways that were never before possible: seeing every detail, every brushstroke, and every color of the artist’s 34 frescoes.

The entire experience will last about 60-to-90 minutes, and is set to take place at the Fashion District in the heart of Cleveland.

The fresco method of painting makes the work blend into the plastered surface it is painted on over time. Thanks to the state of the art technology, this enchanting experience replicates that with vibrant 360-degree, floor-to-ceiling replications of the full body of work. Michelangelo finished his work between 1535 and 1541 with the renowned piece, titled The Last Judgment, which visitors can also marvel at in this innovative and cutting-edge interpretation of one of the world’s most iconic paintings.

So what are you waiting for? We’re bringing Rome to Cleveland! Don’t miss your chance to purchase a ticket for one of the nation’s most unique cultural experiences.

Prepare to be totally immersed in a historical era of Rome and one of history’s greatest artists.

Tickets have just gone on sale! For $20 per adult, you get access to Rome from your own backyard. Don’t wait! Buy now before tickets sell out and experience Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition!